Return Policy

Our refund policy at has been carefully crafted to address the intricacies of digital product delivery, particularly in the realm of software license keys. When a customer makes a purchase, they receive a unique license key that grants them access to the software. However, due to the digital nature of this delivery, once the license key has been issued and delivered to the customer, it becomes impossible to retract or invalidate it.

Moreover, the manual installation process involved in activating the software further complicates the refund process. Unlike physical products that can be returned and resold, once a software license key has been issued and used, it cannot be reclaimed or reused by another customer. This means that even if a customer requests a refund after receiving their license key, the product cannot be returned in the same manner as physical goods.

To mitigate misunderstandings and ensure transparency, we strongly encourage customers to thoroughly review the product details and system requirements before making a purchase. This empowers customers to make informed decisions and reduces the likelihood of dissatisfaction post-purchase.

While we understand the importance of customer satisfaction, the nature of digital product delivery necessitates a strict refund policy to protect both our business and our customers. However, we are committed to providing exceptional customer support and assistance to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the purchasing process or product usage. Our dedicated support team is available to provide guidance, troubleshoot technical issues, and offer solutions to ensure a positive experience for all our customers.

If you have any question please contact us to your dedicated extension or email us:

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